Why Diversify? The Benefits of a Varied Investment Portfolio

Every investor has a number of critical decisions to make on entering the financial markets. Firstly, they need to decide how they want to invest. Independently, through their bank or with the help of a personal financial advisor? How much do they want to invest? Are they intending to put hundreds of thousands into the real estate market, or place as little as a thousand dollars with an online broker? Are they looking to make a long term investment, or a quick turnaround, and are they after low risk, moderate returns, or do they  prefer a higher risk, higher return proposition? All these questions and more need answering before investors take the leap into the global markets. Yet, possibly the most essential issue that each investor has to consider is how they want to manage their exposure and build a strong, healthy portfolio. This is generally achieved through diversification. But, what do financial experts mean when they talk about portfolio diversification and why is it so...
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Rich Dad, Why Everyone Needs to Invest

At some point, you’ve probably come across the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki, or an enthusiastic believer has recommended it to you. In the book, Kiyosaki compares his own father’s  financial illiteracy to the financial savvy of the  independently wealthy “rich dad”, who knows how to exploit corporate influence and either has tax knowledge, or access to financial advisers. For rich and poor alike, he promotes, a “can-do” entrepreneurial attitude as key to achieving  financial freedom, which he believes can only be attained through investing. So, is this truly the case and if so,  why is investment so critical? Well, firstly, investing offers far higher returns than you will receive from your savings account. While you may experience some of the risks that come with market ups and downs, the rewards can be substantial and you can always build a strategy designed to minimize your exposure thr...
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